WOD Sept 17th 2009


I found that many of the WODs from the main site were extremely tough to follow without all the equipment. I tried the NEN (no equipment needed) workouts but grew tired and bored with them too quickly. (I really enjoy the element of having/swinging/lifting weight)

I found an affailate just to the north of me, CrossFit The Woodlands that had a decent WOD yesterday. I noticed that most of their WODs were "less extreme" than the main site. Now I'm not looking for a wuss work out, I just recognize that right now I'm a 5'10" 260ish pound guy with little equipment at hand. Their toned-down workouts are a perfect match for me right now.

Not having a 30lb kettle bell for their WOD I threw and 30 lb dumbbell in my backpack and rode to the high school.

Today's WOD:

3 Rounds of

30 Kettle Bell Swings
Run 400 meters
Rest 1 minute

TIME: 14:55

CFTW's WOD required 3 minutes of rest between rounds, but that was a but too toned-down for my taste.

What got me today was riding my bike ~.25 miles with a 30lb dumbbell on my back. It was fun in a way, never done that one before, but what it made me realize that I go through the work of having to lug around 2 30lb dumbbells CONSTANTLY EVERY DAY.

Nothing could motivate me more to shed my extra pounds.

I've got my paleo lunch packed and I'm ready for a day of boring sedentary life (as is the life of the IT professional)

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