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I paid for Adobe (Student) CS2 Premium.

That's more than alot of people can say.

Before I replaced the HD in my MacBook, I uninstalled (or somehow removed) Adobe Illustrator.

Now, months later, I want to fiddle around with it.

I pop in the install DVD... get the license screen, with all fields blank... ~sigh~ My thought process followed, "I don't see the serial in the box, it's probably in my gmail somewhere, shouldn't be too hard to search for... forget it, I'll just use photoshop, it's got the vector tool thingie.... I'll put Illustrator back on here when I've got the time to do a complete fresh OS install."

Or so I thought...

I fire up Photoshop and was greeted with this:

Space Monkeys with laser guns will normally tickle my funny bone. That was not the case tonight.

The next thing I see is this:

"That st00pid installer!", I thought to myself, "st00pid! st00pid! st00pid!"

A quick search on google revealed a blog entry that helped me solve my problem:

I followed the steps, and all is fine and dandy.

The moral of the story, don't put in any Adobe install DVD/CD unless you 1) have the time to wait for a behemoth 1GB app to install, or 2) you have the serial handy.

props to these guys that did it without Adobe.


emo boy said:

Thank you for your website ;-)
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all the best and thank you again!

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