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I've made my share of design blunders and other mistakes on the web, but those are for you to blog about.

As a result of my graduating from UHD with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in CIS I benefited from a few graduation presents. One in particular was a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble. Spending it at their online store was a 2 hour ordeal. Partly due to the fact that I didn't know what I wanted and partly due to the fact that their site is a navigation nightmare. B&N's design blunders inspired this post, below are a few User Interface and/or design blunders found recently on the web.

Be Consistent

Be consistent. Either hyperlinks are underlined or they aren't. I didn't realize that there were any pages after "10". First because the "Next" button is so far away from the last page, "10", and secondly, because "Next" didn't appear to be. hyperlinked. Also, give your users a preview, show them that pages 11, 12, and 13 exist if they do, lead them on a little.
B&N Page Navigation

Make Sense

There aren't 10 items on *this* page.

B&N Items per Page

Protection by Limitation

This is one way to thwart would-be crackers... don't allow *anyone* to use *special* characters. That's taking the easy way out and potentially restricting some to not use one of the dozen passwords they already know.

SQL injection

More password weirdness

Did a DBA make the decision to only allow 12 characters in my password? Again, now I've got to remember one more password to comply with another site's bizarre password criteria.

Password Limits

White Space

I never knew the dentist office could be so fun!!!! White space is key here. The text describes a different picture, but isn't a little too close to this picture?

link: www.whitersmiles.com/our_office.htm

dentist picture gallery

The same image "zoomed out" a bit.

Image Gallery and White Space

Bugs & More Bugs

I had to unsubscribe from Dave's feed due to this issue. The only way to mark all of Dave's feeds as read is to first read ALL my other unread feeds, click on "All Feeds", then mark my complete repository of links read. Clicking on Dave's folder, or subscription alone wouldn't do it.

Google Reader

"5" gets singled out.

Pagination at www.target.com

Is that debugging code? What's up with the curlies around the pages? I hope this is a bug and not a cryptic feature.

More B&N Navigation

All images used in this post can be found in my "UI Blunders" flickr set.


Dave said:

Added you to my blogroll, Mr. Silent 11.

I dug your UI post and was pleased to see that even in Google Reader I apparently have class.

Unfortunately my class is "other-name". I would have picked something like "dashing" or "charming."

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