The early days

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Here's a screenshot from my work pc from back in the day

Those were the good 'ol days. This desktop represents nothing to you, but to me it encapsulates so much of what I loved about the web. There was something so intriguing to the web back then, it was a bit of a mystery, almost magical. Every day held something new, I went to work with anticipation.

Today the web is work, it's life.

The web is too predictable these days. I miss the days when Josh Davis, Gmunk, Mike Cina, and the other usual suspects of the era were churning out jaw-dropping designs or new flash techniques every other day, things that I couldn't have dreamed of.

I'm ready for something new, something fun. Or has our web grown up? Are those innocent, fearless years packed with excitement and ground-breaking firsts behind us? Maybe it's just my perspective, and the ear I speak of was my personal technological awakening.

I desperately want to believe that the web can return to what I once perceived it to be. I want the innovation to continue, I want to feel like I'm on the frontier again, looking at uncharted territory. Perhaps the key is in the belief; believing that the frontier is still there, and enjoying the journey of searching for it.


Dave said:

I was impressed to see HomeSite 4.5. After my love affair with BB Edit in the late 90s (yes, I used to be a Mac guy way back then) I discovered PCs and HomeSite and fell in love with that app.

Oh, my gift to you tonight is this: I like turtles

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