Yet Another Redesign


I recently upgraded the blogging software used on this site, Movable Type, to the latest release, 4.0.

There are still a few things I need to do before I officially roll out silent11 2.0:

  • Address Archive structure [mod_rewrite?] as to not break too many (all?) archived posts under old convention of "". I'm a little concerned with google rankings for these pages, breaking existing bookmarks, braking external links and the like. However, I don't like having non-memorable numbers in my archive URLs. Perhaps I won't even stick with the current structure....

  • Modify the "style", to something more *me*. Remove (CSS) bottom-border on individual entries, etc...

  • (re)add monitization (google adSense)

  • tag existing entries?

  • integrate delicious bookmarks (?)

  • update any feedburner rss feeds (?)

  • a dozen other things I'm forgetting

So anyway, stay tuned. Now that school is over I plan to post ALOT more here with random tidbits, thoughts, and interesting things I find on the web.

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