Rails turns 3


DHH announces 3 years of Rails being open to the public.

Is rails only 3? Why does it feel like it's been around forever?

I couldn't remember exactly when I first started dabbling with Ruby, but I first wrote about Ruby back in Nov 2004. The first mention of rails here on the site was back in July of 2005.

It was shortly after my posting in July 2005 that I really ramped up on my rails skills. I have a few client apps floating around the web, along with a few other rails projects running out in the wild, but I really had thought that I would have had done more with Ruby/Rails than I have in the last +2 years.

The sad fact is that the MORE my employment responsibilities have leaned towards that of a full-time programmer (which I currently am) the LESS time I've had to dabble with emerging technologies or just experiment with ones I am familiar with.

It's not that my interest in programming decreases the more I program for a living, the last few years have just been EXTREMELY busy with school, work and freelance.

If I can work next semester's schedule correctly, then yesterday will mark my last day in a college class room. This semester doesn't end until Aug 7th, but our final that day can be taken anywhere (online).

So, with my hardest class out the way, and only 2 courses to go I expect to have much more time to dedicate to doing the tinkering I miss so much as well as post here more frequently.

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