YAPC is winding down... It's the last day of the conference proper and tomorrow begins the master's courses. I'll be in Randal's Perl Best Practices and Persistent Perl Data during Thursday and Friday. I'm really excited to get 2 days worth of face time with the merlyn.

The very same merlyn is responsible for documenting my presence there too. I came without a camera this year, However, even if I had of brought it (and I could have, I went home each night) I wouldn't have had 1) time to use it or 2) space in my backpack to store it.

Now that I've been positively identified at YAPC I'll have to come up with a different alibi :)

Both shots are of me checking people in at Sunday's pre-check-in.

Looks like my hand-drawn signage made it online too...

Here's a link to all flickr photos tagged yapcna2007.

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