I'm going to YAPC Chicago


My first conference ever and I'm so excited! I managed to get a client in the travel industry to buy my ticket in exchange for [(ticketprice/my hourly rate) + (50/my hourly rate)] hours worth of web development work. SCORE!

update: Double score! Work said they'd let me count the days as work days and not have to use vacation!!!!!

I'm stoked, now I just gotta work out whether or not I wanna stay in a single dorm room or in a double. Singles are available in the 'old' dorms, but only doubles are available in the 'new-and-imporved' rooms. Perhaps I'll see if anyone from houston.pm.org wants to split a room with me... or perhaps I want the assurance of knowing I'm not sharing a room with a complete stranger.

/me ponders to himself for a bit....

I knew there was a reason I was posting this!

See you in Chicago!

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