The worst thing about having an Apple PowerBook...

  • Is not being able to afford the new one!
Now as far I know there's no new PowerBook. BUT, Apple has unveiled the new iBook, it's called the MacBook Pro. I don't keep up with the Apple rumor sites or news sites, but logic would lead one to believe that there's an Intel PowerBook on the way and it's probably going to be 4x faster/better/cooler than the one I have now. The MacBook is 4 times faster and has some beautiful and ingenious new designs and additions including:
  • Magnetic power cord so your laptop doesn't come crashing down to the floor the next time *your cat* trips over the power cord.
  • An illuminated keyboard making it easier to surf in bed next to your sleeping spouse.
  • And FINALLY a scrolling track pad! This was the most difficult to swallow lacking feature to my PowerBook, coming from a Dell that had one.
Now I've already decided to make my next home/freelance computer a Mac once they converted over to Intel (simply for the speed increase - I have nothing against motorola). Now I'm wondering - will it be the new PowerBook or a desktop model?

Anyway - Apple Rules - Buy Stock!

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