This site is worth exactly $0.00

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According to Technorati my blog is worth nothing. They are so wrong -- like one million and twenty two percent wrong! muwahh haaa haaa!

(/me slaps knee a few times)

This month alone I've made like $0.73 with my Amazon Associates banner, and just as much with the google ads I have running.

Really tho -- I knew it was worthless -- but I was hoping it would be worth a grand or something. I dunno. Jona's blog is worth 23k. I have blog envy. For me I don't think blogging is the way to fame and fortune. My friend keeps talking about this Amway stuff. I think it has real potential. I'll keep ya posted.

Anyway, I'm working on a redesign -- I'm trying to put some heart and soul into it. I'll probably drop the ads on the redesign since my site is worthless anyway. A redesign isn't a simple task. I wasn't ready for the last Fall CSS Reboot cuz I just didn't feel right about what I'd designed. There are only a few sites that I've designed that I feel really good about -- and even some elements of the design start to bug me after a while.

Maybe I don't have the skillz. Maybe I'm a insatiable perfectionist.



Cool, I'd love to see a redesign here. This design is getting just a little old, I'd say. ;)

Steven Lyons said:

it says that the blog that i used to have at stucknut is worth $564.54.

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