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Even though I got an extra hour's sleep over the weekend I'm so tired today. I'm not sure why. Could I have slept too much?

We've been reading Dave Ramsey's book, The Total Money Makeover. We'll, my wife has been reading it more than me. I read a page or two every few days. I feel like it's stuff I already know so I have trouble allocating large amounts of time to the book. It has helped my wife think differently about debt and consumption. Her enthusiasm has motivated me to make changes in the way I've been spending too.

Our largest decision as of late has been to sell our beloved 2004 Honda CR-V. We make payments on it every month and to tell you the truth finding an extra $400 each month taxes both our checkbook and our relationship.

I've realized that I've been focusing more on that stupid car payment and not enough on school. This paradigm shift <joke scope='inside'>pronounced: para-dig-em</joke> has helped me realize some things.

  • First, that my focusing now on material things and not focusing on school is going to short-circuit my life in the end if I keep going the way I am
  • I've also returned to the thinking that if I don't have the cash for product xyz, then I don't deserve to have. Once I get the cash, then I can get xyz.
  • Debt is a downward spiral. Debt gives you access to all these things that would otherwise be out of reach: cars, jewelry, etc... So there we are, we have these things, but no real sense of achievement for those things (we didn't earn them, we got them on credit). We will, however, have racked up some super crazy consumer debt that will weight on our minds every day and night until the debt is paid. So to avoid thinking about the awful state we're in, we put something else on the card to temporarily take our mids off of it; Leading us back to square one...

I'm glad we're finally doing something about all this.

I still don't have my site redesigned for the CSS reboot TOMORROW. Oh well. Maybe next time.

In other news, Ruby on Rails is really starting to get some media recognition. I'm still plugging away at why's poignant guide to get a solid grasp on Ruby before I jump too deep into rails.

Still on the topic of rails, check out this awesome desktop image from flickr.

This probably should have been in 2 or maybe 3 different posts, but I'm lazy. Deal with it. Oh, and sorry for the one or two of you that have me in your RSS reader for the lame post title `Random Updates`.

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