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Ummm, yeah. I've been busy lately.

I saw the adviser for the business school on Monday. I've got all my undergrad classes mapped out for the next year and a half. After that it's diploma time!! Then on to grad school if I can get in. It's exciting finally seeing the light at the end of this education tunnel. It's been a long road. I started going to school last millenium, 1999 and *finally* I'm a junior.

Astors: you did it! I jumped up and down like a little boy when I heard you won. Of course I was on the phone with a client at the exact moment I heard my wife scream from the living room. I had a bit of delayed celebration, but it's all good.

I've got to get this ugly site redesigned for the css reboot in 12 days. I don't even have anything yet. I keep checking sites in the 9rules network for inspiration, but nothing is coming.

babble babble, ramble, gooogly monster.

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