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This is just what I've been looking for!

I've tried tracking my finances through quicken. I've tried tracking my clients through quicken. I learned one thing. I'm not a quicken guy. I've tried it. 3 seperate times.

I recently started tracking my clients with a simple Excel spreadsheet I drew up in just a few minutes. It has it's limits, but it's working.

I've been searching the web for personal finance spreadsheets comprehensive enough to help me track my finances. This site was an answer to my prayers. Literally. There's a ton of good stuff there from motivational quotes to real life experiences to straight up facts about how stupid we are about finances. But the big deal for me are the spreadsheets. There's an excel file containing workbooks for every facet of your financial life.

If you're trying to get your financial life in order don't wait till January to make a new year's resolution. Start now!


Michael said:

Glad my spreadsheets have helped you! I love to hear people's stories ... I'll keep up with yours!


P.S. I couldn't survive without Quicken. Maybe fourth time's the charm for you? :)

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