Today's Techie Readings

I'm steadily picking up Ruby and Ajax.
  • Mozilla's Ajax Documentation/Intro
    • Ajax makes UI alot cleaner and simpler, but it's a pain in the rear to program. The problem is that you still have all the back-end scripting. You just have to come up with a ton of front-end scripting to interact with the back-end.
  • Learn To Program (using Ruby )
    • I don't think I'll ever leave Perl for Ruby, but I'm really enjoying learning this fully Object Oriented language. I really got into Ruby because of all the cool things I saw about Rails. ( I'm very impressed with Rails BTW ) But on the topic of these frameworks, it seems that PHP now has a framework put together. now you can have your cake and eat it too.
  • CGI::Application::Plugin::HTMagicDot
    • Ummm. Is this really necessary? If the HTML::Template crowd like their Dot so much, just switch to TT. And I didn't see in the example if this dot notation supports loops. What happens if I pass it a retreive_all() ?
    • Update: I see that loops are not supported, but a hack exists.
  • Super cool photoshop tutorial

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