Stealing Bandwidth?

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I hope not. I've been looking at my referral logs lately and I've been seeing referrers from,, and a bunch of other sites that really have no reason linking to me.

At first I was flattered, "People must really like my site to be linking to it", I thought. Then I got smart and questioned if they were linking to my images from their site. Well, since most of the referring pages were something like I really didn't know *what* actual page it was because index.cfm is probably thousands of pages.

One referrer was so kind to leave their complete URL for me =) See below.

Thanks to the power of google I came across this site,, which explains how you can put a little code in your .htaccess file to block (or embarass) bandwidth robbers.

SetEnvIf REFERER "" linked_from_here
<FilesMatch ".(gif|jpg|jpeg|png)">
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from env=linked_from_here
ErrorDocument 403 /stolen.jpg
<Files "stolen.jpg">
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Here is my image:

You can see the image in action on 4 sites at the time of this posting:


katherine said:

that's an awesome find, Will... i was never sure what to do with people stealing my images, so i ended up constantly renaming the files that i knew were being used.

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