Family? What Family?


I've been so busy lately. I've only held Ethan ( our little boy ) a total of 1 hour the last 3 days. And most of that was from Wednesday. Tuesday and Thursday I probably held him a total of 10 minutes.

With school starting back up and a bombardment of new projects in queue I've been constantly busy this week. I wake up at 5:30am, I'm out the door by 6am. At my desk by 7am. Leave work around 9:45am to go to school. Get back from school around 12:45pm. Leave work around 5:45pm, get home around 6:45pm. I eat, visit with Tasha, then back to the computer till around midnight. The next morning, repeat.

Now I'll admit that Tuesday I went to an Astros game ( my father's day present ) and yesterday I was busy from 7p to 10p doing my church responsibilities, so It's not like I've only been working.

Ahhh... I feel better now.

Hopefully this weekend I can get caught up on things as well as writing that paper for class.

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