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I registered in this fall's CSS Reboot over at http://www.cssreboot.com/. I guess I'm quick on the draw or something, if you take a look at this fall's rebooters I'm the second to register. But I'm second to B. Adam Howell, the creator of the site =)

I've been following Adam's blog for quite some time now. [ RSS ] The man deserves his props. I'm always finding new ideas and dimensions to web design I never knew existed when I visit his site.

So, now I've got to get crackn' and get this site redesigned. One technique I'm going to implement is the CSS min-width and max-width attributes (Including the IE hack). I just barely found out about them yesterday. There is so much out there... I don't know how some of these developers out there can stay up on so much of it. Off the top of my head here are a *few* technologies a *good* developer must not only know, but have a good command over: databases, scripting languages, markup languages, CSS, design, UI, standards, compliance, accessibility , etc, etc...

Any way, some things *I* do to stay atop my game is keep up on my programming, I just finished a PHP site yesterday and I'm still learning a bunch of Perl stuff at the moment too, CGI::Application, Template::Toolkit, and Class::DBI. I'm still working on the best implementation of putting them all together.

A far as design, CSS, and web development in general I've been checking out a few sites from this website directory every day. There is alot of good info out there, stuff from AJAX to CSS, to tips on how to run your own freelance gig.

From that site I also noticed that after every link was an arrow, and that visited sites were followed by check marks. I'd never even considered tagging links with images to differentiate them from the rest! I thought it was such a good idea.

I decide to play around with the new techniques I found yesterday, you can see the simple page here.

Happy rebooting to you fellow css-booters.

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