Spring Cleaning

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I like to reinstall my OS* every every year or so, I'll never let it get older than 2 years old. I think this install is quickly approaching 2 however. Anyway, I've been proding around, looking for files I can compress, archive, remove, etc...

When in the "Add / Remove Programs" dialog box under the Control Panel I found this:


Why are there 3 instances of Visual Studio??? When I sort by "Last Used" there are 2 "Hotfix" versions listed together, having last been used in April. What looks like the original install of Visual Studio hasn't been used since January of this year.

So, now for my question. Does anybody know if removing this original Visual Studio will cause problems for me? It's stupid having THREE 640MB apps laying around if they are the same thing, just different versions.

Micro$oft never ceases to amaze me.

*Windows OSes only.


Jerald said:

From your screen shot:

Item 1 - is the Framework which is required to run any application written in a .Net language. (bloated of course... you can get a redistributable version that is about 19MB). It is also required to run Visual Studio.

Item 2 - KB886903 is only 1541 KB
to download... so I think that its an error in the way its being referenced in the registrey.

Item 3 - is the actual install for visual studio.

FYI, mine are listed at 1732.00MB :)

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