IMB DeskStar (DeathStar) 75 GXP Class Action

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I bought 2 IBM DeathStars about 4 years (or so) ago. It took about a year for each one to die. I got replacements and so far one of the replacements has died. They have really been a pain in the donkey.

So I get this letter in the mail from some attorneys... turns out there is a IBM Deskstar class action settlement. I'm entitled to $100 or some other less valuable rewards for my decision to spend my bank on these defective little pieces of dog turds. I haven't read fully through the information, but if I'm lucky I'll get $200 because I bought 2 of them. We'll see.



dude said:

that's pretty cool that you got money back for a deffective product. if I am not mistaken, I believe that these are the same hard drives that cause the NAS at Idea to crash about 3.5 years ago. ask jerald to be sure.

anyway, If you like this kind of accountability, I suggest you start opposing republican candidates at the federal level because the current congress (which is overwhelmingly republican in the house, and significantly republican in the senate) passed a law last year (and of course Bush signed it) called the "Class Action Fairness Act of 2005" [1] ( that will make these kinds of class action suits ILLEGAL. The law makes it illegal to file this kind of case in state court. According to the court documents [2]this case was filed in State Court. You can verify that this case could not be filed in state court today by reviewing Section 4 [3] of the law, which deals with jurisdiction.

don't mean to get all political on you, just thought you might like to know that you would not have gotten this money had the suit been filed under current law.


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