I love Greasemonkey.

Now before you get any ideas -- Greasemonkey is an extension to Firefox. It basically allows you to insert your own ( or someone else's ) javascript code into a specified page to alter what you see in real time.

There are some interesting articles floating around out there about it. You can read the book too if you wanna get up to speed on your Greasemonkey Foo.

So step one, get Firefox if you haven't already. Setp two, get Greasemonkey

I think Iím going to have to write my own user script too. Iíve seen the user scripts for Google, but none do what I need.

Firefox has my Gmail password memorized, but I have several Gmail accounts. So, I have to manually type in my various user names, check mail, logout, repeat.

If I could just alter Gmail to where it provided me with a dropdown menu of my Gmail user names instead of a textbox that would be as sweet as molasses.

So, if nobody beats me to the punch I may have to develop that user script some day. But before I do Iíll need to brush up on my Javascript first. I havenít a clue on how to actually accomplish it :)

update: I found a script that does what I want for yahoo.... I'm gonna try to convert it.

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