THIS IS COOL! is sweet site! What you do is register, take advantage of an offer from one of their business partners, get 5 friends to do the same and they will give you your choice of an iPod mini, $250 Amazon gift card certificate, $250 Paypal cash, Playstation Portable, Canon PowerShot A95, or a Hitachi 400GB Harddrive!!!

I'm not kidding!

Some of their business partners' offers include:

AOL 9.0 with Musicnet: You sign up for a free trial of AOL which gives you 30 days of free music downloads.

Blue Host sign up for a $7/month hosting package.

Blockbuster Online: For $9.99 (then $14.99 subsequent months) you get DVD's delivered to your door, 3 at a time all with free shipping both ways. Plus 2 coupons every month for a FREE DVD or game at a local blockbuster. The coupons alone pay for the subscription!

I opted to go with the Blockbuster offer. We actually go there, so this just takes some pain out of driving there and searching for what we want. The cool thing is that I can cancel my order after the first month. So basically I'll be paying $9.99 (Unless I decide to keep the subscription to Blockbuster Online) for a $250 gift certificate to Amazon.

And it's not a scam. I have friends that have received $300 checks in the mail for doing this.

So if you could help a brotha' out I'd appreciate it. Use this link to allow me to be your referral. Register, then do an offer. I'll even shoot you over $10 via pay pal to make it worth your time.

After a month, cancel your service and take your loot!

Next just get 5 friends to do the same for you so you can get your $250!


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