My Review of Mozilla's Firefox 1.0

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I love Mozilla Firefox! I had to write this short review because this FREE browser is absolutly amazing.

• First off the thing is sooo customizable! From layout to themes to features. Text files in your profile directory control almost everything related to how the browser and even webpages render -- giving you full control.
Extensions, Extensions, Extensions! You can extend the power of Firefox with extensions. Extensions are small add-ons that add new functionality to Firefox. They can add anything from a toolbar button to a completely new feature. They allow the browser to be customized to fit the personal needs of each user if they need addtional features, while keeping Firefox small to download.
Tabbed browsing. I've been using tabbed browsers for years now. I can't live without it. This allows you to have multiple sites up with only one browser application open. Previously I've been using SlimBrowser, but Firefox is far superior.
• Popup Blocking
• and tons more... (I said this would be short.)


Extensions - probably my most favorite part of Firefox

See all my installed Extensions
Okay, so Extensions, well... extend Firefox. Some of my Favorites (Check the Fist Screen Shot at the begining of this entry) are as follows:
  • Adblocker - This basically blocks ads. You can right click on an image and add it to your blocked list, or you can even block images and iFrames by feeding the extension regular extensions like */ads/*. Basically that says if there is any file coming from an "ads" directory to block it, whether its a script, and image, an iFrame, etc... Notice the screenshots below. I compare screen realestate provided by Adblocker. Mozilla with Adblocker allows MUCH more view space than IE without Adblocker. The parts in red are the parts I'm most concerned with.
    IE with little viewing area due to ads.

    Firefox - widescreen!

  • Weather Fox - Notice again on the first screenshot how I have a week's weather forecast in the status bar. This extension lets you display forecasts, no forecasts, text, images,etc... It is very customizable, allowing you to get what you want and not see what you don't.
  • Google Preview - When viewing google results you can see a thumbnail of the site to the left of the results.
  • Bookmark Synchronizer - I LOVE THIS! Basically you can have this extension upload your bookmarks every time you exit the browser (assuming they changed) to an FTP server you specify. Then everytime the browser opens it then checks to see if there were changes and updates itself accordingly. Now your home computer, work computer, and laptop can all have the same bookmarks!
  • Gmail Notifier - get notified of new gmail. However if you have multiple accounts this can get to be annoying. Whatever account you log in with via this extension will sometimes overtake a secondary account. Example: you log-in as google1 via your extension. Then you check your google2 account, you click on a lable and notice that you are now signed in as good1 and not google2. When ever the notifier checks for new messages it overrides the cookies and your authentication. I've stopped using this.
  • Sage - view rss in your browser
  • HTML Validation - whenever you view the source of a page this will validate the HTML you are viewing and give error reports. (REALLY COOL) It can also clean up (via HTML Tidy) the HTML code.
  • I'm not sure if the little search box thing is an extension or not, but you can add serach engines to your toolbar allowing you to eaisly search almost ANY search engine (or any other site for that matter) from one place.
So that's it for now - I really planned on writing more, but somebody sprayed too darn much Lysol in the bathroom and I'm being overtaken by the smell. It makes me sick to my stomach.

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