2004 Astros: End of an incredible run.


The Astros were beat 5-2 last night by the St. Louis Cardinals. { Game Recap }

This picture sums up what I think all Astros fans are feeling at the moment.

Jose Vizcaino sits alone in dugout after 5-2 loss to Cardinals in Game 7 of the NLCS

Feelings of disappointment, sorrow, mixed with awe that this bunch even made it so far. I know we were chosen before the season started, but after our mid-season drought who would have imagined we would have made it so far? All we can do now is ponder what could have happened in games 6 and 7 if Phil Garner would have done this-or-that as opposed to how he did decide to manage the games.

I also leave this season with some hope for the next. Now that we've made it so far this season makes the WS even more realistic to us.

I just really hope Carlos Beltran stays in Houston. I know all kinds of teams will have interest in him. What worries me are those teams that sling money aroud like its nothing. When considering whether to sign with the Astros, Beltran said he would like the club to make a commitment to keeping the team's young nucleus together, including pitcher Roy Oswalt, outfielder Lance Berkman and shortstop Adam Everett.

Phil Garner and Carlos Beltran.

It is important," Beltran said. "I played for years in Kansas City, and they would tell me they were going to build around me and around my swing, and they never did it.

"I experienced being on a team where they don't do anything to help the ballclub. One of my priorities if I stay with this ballclub will be keeping the young guys, Berkman, Everett, Oswalt. Our young players have potential to be real good."

Well, at the end of the day I'm left a bit dissapointed, but my 'stros really made a good effort this post season. My hat's off to them.

beltran tips hat to croud

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