I turned 27 on the 4th of August. I don't feel any older than 26, however I sure don't feel like I did at 19, or even 22. It's still kinda hard to believe.

Anyway, one perk in being married ( for me anyway ) is getting to have multiple birthday parties. Even tho they remind you that you're that much closer to dying you get alot of presents that way.

Tuesday night Tasha's family took me to the Woodlands House, a Chinese buffet. It was my choice. I love Chinese food. The hot and sour soup was perfect; hotter than I'd ever had it anywhere. yumm. Besides that I left feeling stuffed. Jeremy got me a Remington AirMaster bb/pellet gun. I was kinda surprised that he brought it into the restaurant - then giving it to me to unwrap. That was kinda uncomfortable.


After that we went and saw Jaycee in the hospital. Jaycee is my new sister-in-law. She was born just a few weeks ago. ( I should really put her birtydate to memory ) She's soooo tiny. Born +6 weeks early will do that to ya I guess. Oh, that's right, that's why I've got asthma.

So the next day, my birthday, I just stayed at home. I needed a break. I did some laundry, washed some dishes, did some yard work -- all mindless, relaxing tasks. It was wonderful.

I also spoke to my credit union about a loan. turns out they can offer me 4.9% rather that the 6.74% interest rate I currently have on my car loan. That should free up an extra $25 a month.

I also had tons of time to shoot lots of stuff with my new air gun. he he he. No small animals were harmed during my time shooting stuff in the back yard -- but that doesn't mean I wasn't tempted :-\

alvarez_white.jpgWhen Tasha came home from work I got to see my present from her. What a surprise! She bought me a new Alvarez Guitar I never would have expected it. I love it. I sounds so much better than my Ovation.

What a great day! Too bad I slept horribly last night. Turns out they are spraying for mosquitoes from airplanes over areas with West Nile carrying mosquitoes. Airplanes that roar by just feet above your house at 10:30pm at night! It's miserable, however, I didn't notice till just now that while playing in the back yard all yesterday I had ZERO encounters with those nuisances.

Well today my family is taking me out to see Napoleon Dynamite. My mom is the person that actually wants to see it. She just figured it'd be fun to invite everyone to the movie she wan't to see and then to call it my birthday party :) I don't mind. The movie looks like it will be funny.

As for now I just have 5 more huors of work to trudge through.

peace out.


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