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Did you know that Tasha and I are pregnant? Well we are. Realization of the miracle of pregnancy comes in waves. The first ones are subtle, I won't go into detail here, but just *trying* to have a baby is sort of a realization that you could be a parent some day.

Then you wake up with a little white stick waving in your face... You realize there are 2 identical pink stripes on this white stick... Even though it's 6AM and everything is still a blur you come to the conclusion that you and your wife must be pregnant. This news is just exciting enough to get you out of bed.

The next week things get more real. That favorite meal your wife used to love so much she now hates. Also, the only thing that she can eat are baked potatos and Chicken McNuggets, etc, etc... We can't shop for grocerices any more because she doesn't know what she can eat until she gets a craving. For some reason though she always seems to be able to hold down McDonalds.

Now that we have the ultrasound I have seen and heard our little one. It was an incredible experience. We watched it wiggle around, wave it's arms and move it's legs. Below are 2 pictures from the ultrasound, seeing the moving picture at the office or on the video give you a much clearer picture of the baby, but for now this will have to do.

The Ultrasound:




leon said:

Congrats! Having a baby will change your world... big time. Keep that video camera rolling Dad. 8^)

Gerry said:

Congratulations! You are the 10th person that has had or is having a baby that I know of. You win a cookie. But seriously, I am sure that will you and Tasha will make great parents. With religion, morals and a good sense of humor both of you already have a strong foundation.

brittany said:

ya u guys ar pregnet congrats!!

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