Wimbledon 2004

Wembledon I love tennis! If I could be anywhere right now it'd be on my couch, watching Wembledon. Not that I could get out of work, or school for that matter.

I missed Sharapova beating Davenport while I was taking my Calculus test. I wanted Sharapova to win cuz she's young ( and not to mention cute ). It's always fun to watch teenagers in pro sports whip up on older pros. However, this is probably Davenport's last year at Winbledon, it could have been nice to watch her get to the finals.

I'm proud of Wimbledon. Their website kicks butt! IBM has used them to show the world just how cool their technologies and services are. I've been inpressed with everything they've got. I can listen online while I work, as well as getting the scores in real time.

Check it out!

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