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I've been drifting away from programming Perl. Yes, I still do it for a living, however, I'm not sure I'll be doing it much longer. No more than 5 years or so anyway =) I have no intention of leaving my job in the near future.

Anyway, I do like perl and I want to keep using it in the future for fun. The problem is that Perl 6 will be coming soon ( okay, maybe not so soon ) and I don't really want to learn it. Why not? Well, I've never really considered myself a programmer. I've just used perl in the past to get jobs done -- and to have some geeky fun here and there. Besides, have you read the Perl6 Apocalypses? What a nightmare! I'm not so dedicated to programming to be motivated enough to learn a new programming language. If I had that kind of motivation I'd be programming full-time and would be making a plan out of doing this as a career.

So my dilemma is that when Perl 6 comes around all the modules on CPAN will be upgraded to work with Perl 6. Well, when I don't adapt Perl 6 what's gonna happen to my being able to use modules. And if you know Perl you know that thanks to the CPAN ½ of all of your work has already been done for you.

So I used this cool script from merlyn to mirror my own little CPAN to my own machine. What a blessing!

Now I can have my cake and eat it too =)

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