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Just for fun, here are some of the groovy desktops I've had on my PC at work lately. Okay, so they aren't groovy, but they are nice. I've been diging the ones of landscapes and soft images of the outdoors. Click the images below to download the larger version.

Oh, how I'd love to be there right now. (full) dream_beach_vacation.jpg

This one kinda has a Mac look to it :) (full)

This one just makes me happy. I'm not sure why. (tiled)

More grass with some mountains and sky. This makes me want to kick up my feet in a chair and pull out a good book. (full)

Grass + Mac = ??? (full)

Now here are some I've used in the past that are pretty cool.

Yes, he is incredible! No, I'm not gay! This one gives me inspiration. (small / centered)

My favorite flower, the Gerber Daisy. It just happens to be the first flower I ever received from someone. (full)

A nice Mandrake Linux theme here. (full)

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