Do I have A.D.D.?

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I swear, I can't concentrate on just one thing. Is there some kind of A.D.D. test I can take or something? One day I want to learn WinForms .NET, the next I want to become A+ Certified, the next day I want to learn JavaScript, then it's Java. Then next week I want to learn a set of new skills, but I've still got these half learned skills in the back of my mind fighting for rank too. I get to chapter 4 in book x then book y catches my attention, etc, etc...

It's driving me crazy, I'm a Jack of all trades and a master of none. Lately I've become interested in real estate investment. How, Why? I DON'T KNOW! Now I go back and forth from, " do I want to be a business man? " to " do I want to be a programmer? " to " maybe I can do both... look at Dell, look at John Walker, I can do both! ". It's like there's a tug of war in my head, only it's not just one rope, there are multiple ropes with multiple anchors pullilng in all kinds of directions.

I think I'm going mad.


kitten` said:

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