Two Year Wedding Anniversary

Kemah TexasTasha and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary (3/16) at the Kemah Boardwalk. I left work around noon and surprisingly we arrived there around 3pm. The weather was perfect, it stayed in the high seventies the whole time we were there.

We started off looking at the shops, which we came to find out all had the same stuff crap in them, mainly stupid souvenirs. I'm not sure how long we did the shop thing the atmosphere was so nice I think I lost track of time. Eventually we made our way to the actual boardwalk. I was really expecting for there not to be too much to do. Was I wrong! We stayed busy for hours, if we weren't watching the boats we were eating benyas, or watching the juggler, etc., etc.. We spent some time in the aquarium which was nice, but I guess after seeing larger and better ones it wasn't so impressive. We didn't dine at the Aquarium, I'd heard from friends that the food there is way over priced. So after we got soaked on the Beast we headed over to Joe's Crab Shack. The food was ok, nothing to get excited over. The view was nice, but again nothing to get excited over. How beautiful can the port of Houston be anyway?
Will and his Mermaid
Back to the Beast. the beast is a big, big, big and fast, fast, fast racing boat ( or at least I think it is ) that you can ride for a mere $10 a person. I sat mere because it was well worth the money. The boat takes you out in the Gulf of Mexico, and within seconds you can see oil tankers, off shore wells, and the likes. Things we only before saw through the telescope on the boardwalk. Well, we sat near the back of the boat which means we got soaking we. We had so much fun doing it tho.

After dinner we headed home, but not before stopping by Sonic and Dairy Queen. Sonic for Tasha, DQ for me. All in all we had a great time. I'd suggest Kemah to anyone wanting to get that "get away" feeling without having to shell out "get away" kind of cash.

I love being married. I can't believe it's been two years already. Life is just flying by. Makes me want to slow down and enjoy more of the view.


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