I want one


Power Mac G5


I've gradually come to realize that I have an insatiable desire for a better operating system. I've used MS Windows for most of my computing life and I've found it to be adequate. Things are easy in Windows, that I like. But when it comes to freedom there is none. The freedom to build my own apps from source and freedom to even compile the OS from scratch was filled by Linux. However some of my favorite applications are still not ported over to Linux yet. I also prefer Linux system commands to that of DOS's.

In comes Apple. Well, Apple has been there for as long as windows. But I'm finally realizing that this OS has some great features. I guess I'm finally realizing that this OS, although expensive, has everything I want. Or so I hope it does.

The GUI is incredibly beautiful and intuitive. And for software - it comes to your door with almost everything you would ever want in a computer. Photo/Video editing software. Text editors, browsers, etc, etc... Also OS X is built on top of FreeBSD 5 which gives me the power and flexibility I want from the command line.

Did I mention that the GUI is sexy?? Anyway. There are so many things, I could go on and on about this beautiful OS. My next computer will be a Mac. I promise.

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