Valentine's Eve - 2004


Due to the fact that Tasha and I wouldn't have a "private" valentines at my parents party that night we/she decided that we should do our own thing. As soon as she got home from work we headed down I45 to the 610 North Loop to a place to Pecos Grill.

First off, I decided on Pecos Grill for one main reason. PRICE. I won a $20 voucher to the place on eBay for $4. Excellent right? $20 worth of food for $4!?!

Well I printed off the directions to this place on I began feeling discouraged at my choice of places to eat as we entered Acres Homes ( not the safest neighborhood in Houston ). Saftey always takes priority over frugality. But we got inside and everything was alirght.

It was a clasic back woods-ish BBQ/grill. Most of the lighting came from beer signs. County music was playing and even better, it was playing LIVE. There was a dance floor and everything.

We started with some grilled shrimp, the best I've ever had in my life. We scanned over the menu and now I realized why those $20 vouchers were only $4 on ebay. EVERYTHING in that place was AT LEAST $20/entree. Well that was cool, I just figured we'd get one free meal out of the deal.

Our server tried to sell us on the steak and lobster special they had going. It sounded good enough - and at $21 it was one of the cheapest items. When I sprang for it Tasha got a look of amazment in her face. As it turns out the valentine's day special wasn't $21 like I heard, it was $29!!!

Tasha hear it right and assumed I did too. It wasn't till after I mentioned how much of a bargan this meal was that she straightened me out. We laughed at my stupidity - for some reason things are funnier when they are more serious. the fact that I'd made the mistake was funny. The fact that we really didn't have the $$ to pay for the meal was even funnier. The credit card came to the rescue!

It really was a great place - and the food was excellent!! I give it 5/5 stars.

Below are some pictures of our night:





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