2004 New Year's Resolutions


After doing some self reflection in another post, I've come up with my 2004 New Year's Resolutions:

  • Be honest in my dealings with others

    • No more warez, etc

    • Be ethical in all business

    • Convert over to Linux, or purchase Windows by March

  • Strengthen relationships with family members

    • Talk to each family member at least weekly, on both sides of the family

    • Seek to understand, not to be understood

  • Spiritual health

    • Read Daily from the Book of Mormon

    • Have Deacon lesson planned one week before presenting them

  • Physical health

    • Exercise for 30min at least twice a week

    • Control portion sizes when eating

  • Increasing sources of income ( not having to rely on employers for my
    financially stability )

    • Write proposals within a week of thinking of a new idea

    • Constantly seek new sources of income

  • Become financially stable

    • Pay off credit card debt

    • Learning more about saving on taxes (property, etc)

    • Zero out all debt so we will be in the position to start investing next year

  • Continue my education ( College )

    • 100% attendance in school

    • 3 classes during Fall and Spring semesters

    • Complete all homework by the day after it is assigned

  • Serve those less fortunate than myself

    • Continually be mindful of others

    • Always pay a generous fast offering

  • Increasing in depth and breadth in my technical skills

    • Finish a nonfiction book every month (Tech, Fin, Lang, Bus, Rel, etc)

  • Be more self confident

    • Speak up even when I don't want to

    • Maintain a 34 in waist

    • Study a current event in depth every week

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