Katie's Baptism


My niece, Katie, was baptized at Faithbridge Methodist on Sunday, December 22 2003. It was an interesting scene. One different than what I'm used to at my church. Shannon & Ben went up on the stage where pastor Dan Baptized her. I'm guessing that the baptism was one of sprinkling, but to me it looked more like he dipped his hand in the water, then rubbed it across her head as if he were petting her. I'm sure they do this as to *attempt* to not startle the child. She however knew something was going on and cried during the baptism. As soon as pastor Dan moved on to the other child Katie brightened up.

...I'm waiting on the film to get developed...

Afterwards we had lunch at Ed & Gloria's place. The food was yummy and the company was warm and friendly.

One of the cool things about Faithbridge is that it meets in a school building. I found this interesting video ( windows media ) on their web site that shows how they set it all up each Sunday. I'll bet that they spend more time setting up and breaking down the church than they do actually using the church, but I don't really know. :)

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