Grandma sitting


Tasha and I have been grandma sitting for the past few days. Some friends of ours went to Florida to see family and we stayed behind to tend to grandma. I've been taking their car to work while we've been staying there, and up to today NOTHING bad has happened to it. No wrecks, no break downs, nothing. Except for today, the last day I was ever planning to drive the car.

Now, it's nothing big, but I was cruzing along on the Pierce Elevated when I hear a "CRACK". Right in front of me was a shatter in the windshield about the size of a quarter. Whatever it was that hit me came at me fast, and must have been bigger than a pebble. I'm guessing it was a rock, but I don't think that the little car in front of me kicked it up. There weren't even any large trucks around me, so I'm really not sure where it came from.

The bad part about the whole thing is that now I'm gonna have to replace it. I'm guessing it will cost about $200 at the least. And all to save $30 in gass this week.


Today had better get better.

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