OS epiphany


I had an OS epiphany while reading an article in Wired Magizine. Actually, it wasn't so much as an epiphany, it was common sense sinking in for the first time (perhaps that's what epiphany is??)


Bill Joy, while speaking of linux said:

Re-implementing what I designed in 1979 is not interesting to me personally. For kids who are 20 years younger than me, Linux is a great way to cut your teeth. It's a cultural phenomenum and a business phenomenon. Mac OS X is a rock-solid system that's beantifully designed. I'd much perfer it to Linux.


I'll subscribe to that paradigm. One thing however that draws people to Linux is it's costs. Cheap, Cheaper, and Free versions of the OS's are availiable to people and businesses. Mac OS x can't offer that.

Conclusion: My next new computer will be a Mac. (assuming I have funds available to put the software I want/need on it.)

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