My First .NET app

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... besides HelloWorld.cs :)

I've been playing around with .NET most of today on my laptop. (screenshot)

I've only been reading up on C# for the past few days (minus the short time I also started a while ago.), but as I expected M$ makes things nice and easy to understand. I read one chapter in Syngress' C# .NET on Windows Forms and after that I was able to craft this simple application below.


Just click the image, or here to download a zip file containing the Windows executable.

All it does is allow you to try to guess my favorite Radiohead song. If after a few guesses (there are a ton of choices!) you havn't guessed correctly it gives you a hint. Once you guess correctly you get a little text message congratulating you. Hey, you gotta start somewhere right? I was just so excited, now that I'm part of the .NET revolution and all, that I HAD to post this :)

Merry coding.

Oh, that reminds me. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Let's all remember how much we have to be thankful for :)


update: ok - I know this is a lame post. I was just a bit excited to actually have a standalone application running on my desktop. I usually do my programming in perl which either drives web sites, or runs quietly in the background. EventDriven, and OOP are still a bit new to me. :)


Curator said:

Radiohead vs. Hello World...

Good choice. Enjoy life under the C# hood.


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