Flooded with Gentoo


So I started installing gentoo linux today before lunch. Long story short, it's past 4pm and I'm still installing. The cool thing about gentoo is that you build the whole thing up from the source so that every package, every app is fine tuned to your specific system. The drawback -- TIME.

The authors of the documentation make no excuses for it either, check what I'm encouraged to do at this point:

It is going to take a while to finish building the entire base system. Your reward is that it will be thoroughly optimized for your system. The drawback is that you have to find a way to keep yourself occupied for some time to come. The author suggests "Star Wars - Super Bombad Racing" for the PS2.

I have no PS2 at my disposal. however, I'm not planning on going anywhere soon. I'm stuck at work thanks to the down pouring we received today.

The warning on a local news website:

Flash flood warning for Harris County until 3 a.m.; Tornado warning for Harris County until 4:15 p.m.; Tornado watch for Houston until 6 p.m. Flood watch in effect for Southeast Texas through tonight.

Flood watch thru tonight?? Don't tell me I'm gonna be here all night!! Well, there is that chineese food place just down the road. I hope they're not flooded :)

So here I am, stuck at work with nothing to do. Besides install gentoo, eat some chineese food and surf the web -- that doesn't seem so bad after all :)

Update: The Traffic coming home was terrible! It took me over 2½ hours! Luckly I had a van (my parents gave it to me cuz they got new cars now) which is high enough off of the ground. It allowed me to go thru some of the higher waters.


I didn't realize how bad things were till I came into work the next day. I counted over 20 (TWENTY) cars left on the side of the road. I imagine that they were flooded. Who knows how many had been flooded and had already been towed away.



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