a PHP Confession:


Hi, my name is Will and I have been using PHP for over 4 months.

I first started using PHP over here and just today I started and completed this page in under a few hours.

Now don't even begin to think that I know PHP, the only functions I remember are, print(), echo(), require(), and date(), and I don't even know what all date() really does. I am a *copy-and-paster* when it comes to PHP. So how did I develop this extremly simple databse-driven guest book? Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver got me connected to the DB, I just passed it the DB name, host name, user name, pass, etc.. and it created the code for me. It took care of pagination and page navigation for me too! PAGINATION people! It's not cleaner than my perl code, but I didn't have to think about it, I just clicked a few buttons.

This is scary to me. I had no idea how easy it actually was to implement PHP with Dreamweaver. I wonder how many little *web designers* out there are putting out web pages left and right by simply dragging and clicking in DW.

First off, this is threatening to those like me that actually code, and secondly, it's scary because I'm afraid that I may become converted to PHP. The thought makes my skin crawl, however the next easy MySQL project I get will probably be done in PHP/Dreamweaver.

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