Today was a good day


Today was really, well, nice. I didn't really do any thing extraordinary, it was however, an ideal Saturday. I woke up a little before Tasha and I jumped in the shower, I got out and woke her up. She awoke happy, which is always a good ting.

We headed over to Raveneaux for Weight Watchers only to find out that we had a good week. A good week meaning that we lost weight. By the way, one is really suppose to know how well one's week went before stepping onto the scale. Anyway, we both lost about 2lbs this week, Tasha lost a bit more than I did. I'm so proud of her :)

We found out today that people have been followed after leaving weight watchers. scary! Well, at least if you're a woman. It makes sense tho, if you'r looking to rob, or take advantage of a woman, who 1) isn't in the best physical shape 2) possibly has a low self esteem 3) has spare cash laying around, then hey, weight watchers sounds like the right place to go. I can't imagine this is the first time someone has been followed from a meeting.

Well after that we ate breakfast, because you DON'T want to eat before weigh-in. I had on omlet, something was definatly wrong with my onion, not even listerine could cover up the smell that took my mouth hostage today.

Another thing that made this day great was that I dropped out of my math class. I really felt bad about it, for about 30 minutes anyway. I went home, got my rollerblades on and went over to Meyer Park. Tasha and I watched some of our friends play soccer. It was a beautiful day for just lounging, which is what I did. I took off my blades, and just layed in the grass watching the game. The sun warmed me up just as fast as the cool breeze cooled me down, It was is if I were in California.


Afer that we went to Willie's Ice House and split a chicken tenderloin basket. ummmmm. We came home, naped, watched a boring Suzy Orman DVD, then I broke out our new BBQ pit. We grilled some chicken and some vegies. double ummmmm.

I just got off the phone with my Mom, and now I'm just vegging, waiting for Tasha to get home. She went to pick up her sister over an hour ago, and still no sign of her.

So in summary, today was so pleasantly relaxing. it was just want I needed.

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