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I was going through some old files I had on my server, courious as to what they were. Well I found some interesting things (see below). Most of what's below were little projects I did learning how to use photoshop , while learning how to program, and while experimenting on the web.

Nothing here is special, I just felt like posting some of it. Be careful, some of these splash screens below link to my old site. try not to get lost :)

This page is basically an index of some of the art, splash pages, and experiments that I've done over the past few years in no particular order.

file name category description
charlie.html splash screen I musta been in a charlie brown mood or something, I don't really remember why I chose this to be my splash screen.
christmas.html splash this was a *holiday* splash I made just after I met Tasha. we were dating at the time the picture was taken. We were at the christmas tree fram looking for a tree for her family.
code.pl app All this does is reverses whatever is input.
gone.html splash This was a splash screen I used while on vacation... It *must* have been while I was away in vegas. Can you find the 4 little critters in the image?
heros.pl splash There are multiple splashes in this one file, click the link a few times to see them all. Most are anne frank related.
index.html splash I made this splash from a picture I took in vegas
info2.html splash I was doing alot of stock trading and listening to the pixies while I created this splash. I made alot of money off of BIOM, I have bought and sold this stock many times, at the right time :)
info.html splash More creative juices flowing from my vegas/halloween experience.
meds.html splash I'm not sure where I got the name meds, from. Perhaps it was when I started taking a happy pill prescribed by my doc ~shrug~ I had this splash up cuz I seemed to be getting lots of his, altho there was no content on my site at the time. The opposite sees to be true today, lots of content, no visitors. :)
patriotism.html splash This file once upon a time had different content in it, however now it contains an email I received from an online vendor that lost my credit card info to some hackers, they tried to make up for the mishap with a $10 gift certificate I think. Stupid people.
quote.pl app simple stock quote thingie I made
qoute2.pl app the revised quote.pl that never got finished.
reboot splash a simple splash I made to make people aware of when I would unveil the new content. I don't think I ever made the date in the splash.
scl.html experiment this is a little flash I did for my friend, steve.
splash1.html experiment / splash yet another reboot splash screen, this one, however, is on green. I color I don't usually design in.
system.html experiment / splash I had alot of fun making this. it's basically a win2k file explorer mock up. WOW, on only a 9GB HD, I must have made this on my presario. heh. That computer brings back bad memories of photoshop... oh, it was sloooooow.
tables.html experiment / splash a fully html design experiment.
tomball.pl app a stupid app I made to get movie theatre showings off of a web site. Not my best work :)
user.pl app a user node display for perlmonks.com users. Insert a pm user's name to test it out. If you don't know a name, too bad.
wall.pl app (multiple screens) this app spits out a bunch of larry wall quotes.
index02.shtml experiment / splash asthma puffer experiment. I scanned this pic off of the medicine's instructions.
index03.shtml experiment / splash very orange.
index041.shtml experiment / splash one of my all-time favs, babe ruth on green. I'd gotten back from playing ball when I made this.
index06.shtml experiment / splash transparent look
index888.shtml experiment / splash this HTML/flash experiment was difficult in the fact that i had to line up the flash element with the repeating page bg. If you wait long enough I think some music plays from the flash.
index_baby.shtml experiment / splash another fav! I tried to make something so cute and beautiful into something mysterious.
index_flash.shtml experiment
index_chick.shtml experiment / splash I was so proud of this one when I made it.

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