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My beloved wife took me to the Radiohead concert last night. It was wonderful! I really wasn't planning on going. I talked myself out of it after I saw how much it cost, money is kinda tight now that I work for the gov. Anyway, Tasha surprised me and bought us tickets. AND I AM SO GLAD SHE DID. The concert was great.

We arrived at the Pavilion around 6:30pm just as Supergrass started. We had to walk all the way around the pavilion to the box office to get our will-call tickets but it was cool cuz we ran into this chick in a wheel chair and she let us push her over there. She looked tired, she must have already wheeled herself a mile or two just getting from the parking lot to the pavilion, that place is HUGE. Anyway, we spread out our blanket, got situated, then I ran over to the concession stand to get Tasha some nachos & water. More annoying than the long line at the consession were the kids behind me pretending to be drunk. Every other word coming out of there mouth was "GurBlaaaaah" -- obviously an inside joke. Anyway, we sat through about an hour or so of Supergrass, surprisingly I recognized about half of their songs. No one else around us seemed to be paying much attention to them.

I don't remember their advent being hyped up at all, they just sorta came on stage (I might be wrong about that tho). They opened with 2+2=5 and imeadiatly I was in radiohead land for the next 2 (or so) hours. They palyed alot of their newer stuff from the last 2 albums, but most of the songs were from the latest album, "Hail to the Thief". The energy there was incredible, the cool night air and their melodic vibes kept me in a tingly-goosebumps-all-over kind of state. Or perhaps that was due to the guys next to us somking pot :/

Thom Yorke

They didn't play alot of the older songs, I was really hoping to hear My Iron Lung, or You, or True Love Waits... I'm thinking I shold have gone to the 2001 concert where they played more of the music I like more. I'm not complaining, they did play some of the *oldies* like Just, Paranoid Android, No Surprises, and Karma Police. I probably annoyed the crap out of those around me, I sang right along the whole time at the top of my lungs, filling in for some of the backing vocals that Ed left out occasionally :)

The newer songs that were played were played to perfection! Scatterbrain (Link was removed due to bandwidth theft) was incredible! I think they performed it slightly slower than the tempo on the CD. It was heavenly. I didn't watch much of that song, I just closed my eyes and sang/whined along.


Wolf at the Door, a song I never realy like from the CD was actually great in concert! Thom filled it with emotion, you can really tell which songs truly have meaning to them by the way they are preformed.

It's hard to categorize all my thoughts on the show, my thoughts, and this entry will be very disjointed. All-in-all it was great, having binoculars there was amazing! I was able to watch all of them close-up catching their frustrations when the equipment wasn't working correctly to their smiles as a member would goof-off. I'm never going to a concert without a pair.

jonny on the radio

Jonny on the radio thingie.

Radiohead is so unique, they use sooo many instruments, some songs three of them were playing guitars, then there's There There where 3 of them play the drums. Jonny played the piano (as he always does) on Carma Police, as well as playing the radio (he records a few seconds off of the live air waves i think and then incorporates it into the song), He played that organ thingie that's controlled by a string and he even had an ibook on stage where he sampled and mixed parts of one of the song on stage. The technology they use on stage, from little 18" keyboards to radios, to laptops amazes me, they aren't set in any one way of doing things. They are artists! Thats truly one thing I love about them. That and their ablilty to start a song off so quiet and melodic and then to transform it to complete and utter angst with off the wall guitar solos coupled with dirty distortion, then to be able to bring that very same song back to a sweet, quiet melody. (Case in point) I had to remove this link thanks to bandwidth theft.

I also noticed that Jonny wasn't wearing his forearm brace that I usually see him wearing... no It's not like I've seem them alot in concert, only twice now, but I do have ALOT of their concerts on my computer and he's wearing it in most of them.

Colin was his usual self, he kept near the back of the stage near his monitor (speaker). We really should have sat on the opoiste side of the lawn. Once the show got started I realized that we wouldn't see much of Colin, or any body on a piano from the side we were on. I really wanted to watch Colins fingers at the end of Just but I wasn't able to. Where does he come up with some of those bass riffs?

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Ed, in my opinion, is the most humble of the bunch, he really came out with alot of energy. He gives the most back to the fans weather in interviews or on stage, he tries to anyway. He, like Colin and Phil stay out of the spotlight. He was the last one to leave the stage, I wish I could remember the song, but I was awesome. They caught a sample of the song then they play it back with some sort of wrapping to make it a cosieve loop. (it's hard to explain, but kinda how he ends Carma Police, but not really).

As that last song was winding down the letters "F-O-R-V-E-R" were marquied across the back drop. It was a nice effect and it gave me the impression that Radiohead is anything but an old dried up band. I'll be there at the next concert.


Sit Down. Stand Up.
Where I End And You Begin
Morning Bell
The National Anthem
Paranoid Android
Sail To The Moon
Go To Sleep
I Might Be Wrong
The Gloaming
Dollars + Cents
No Surprises
There There

Encore 1:

You And Whose Army?
Wolf At The Door
Fake Plastic Trees

Encore 2:

Karma Police
Everything In Its Right Place


Baxter said:

Very nice live songs! I'm impressed. Thanks.

Rafael said:

"that organ thingie that's controlled by a string" you were talking about is called an ondes martenot [pronounced owned martin O.]. and it rocks.

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