Mispeling payz 0ff


I just signed up for a totally free, totally cool hits counter from Re_Invigorate. Every so often I go and check the referrers page to see how other people are getting to my page. I notice that msn's search page has brought a few people to my site. I pause and think... why no referrers from google, or the other search engines?

I start looking at the actual pages and I realize that on 2 accounts people came to my page because they had mispelled a word in their search query that I too had mispelled on my site.


  1. defencive driving
  2. bizzare jobs

Update: more mispellings cached by search engines since writing this article:

  1. carma police

  2. inspiratinoal quotes (yahoo)

  3. inspiratinoal quotes (google)

So maybe I can't spell but hey, I'm gettn' hits!

I also found it interesting that google returns my site when "rocketmania not working" is searched. :) That is too odd. anyway.

I just got a call from Tasha and it looks like we'll be going to the mechanic tomorrow. The brakes on our car have, well, stopped working. Spending time at the mechanic isn't my ideal way of spending comp time but hey, that's life. Hopfully it's not going to cost too much, we both get the feeling that it's time to retire the car before it turns into a money pit. WOW! maybe it would be a good time to sell it, it's still worth more than what I paid for it. he he he.

CarMax here I come!

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