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I just feel like moving my fingers REALLY fast over some keyboard keys at the moment... I'm happy, and by-golly, I like my life.

You see, here I am at work. Taking a little break from my coding, looking at the things about me. Pictures of my wife. Some funny Dilbert comic strips, my calendar, and check book... some books. I look back at the picture of my wife and I think, "man! she is incredible!" She really is. Anyway. She called today (while washing dishes) and tells me that we're having some kind of *weight watcher approved* BBQ Meatloaf tonight! Score! Life is good knowing that there's warm food waiting for you at home.

Last night we spent "Family Night", or "Family Home Evening" (FHE) with the Wood family. They taught their son how to pray. It was so cool watching them interact with their kids. It's a science! Man, seeing them made me want to be a father, but at the same time it scared me a little. They worked with their kids so well, and maybe it was because we were there, but I got to thinking that I am so not up on being a Father. Then again, I was clueless about being a husband and things seem to be fine thus far :)

So I do this little job thing for Harris County, and I'm working on my own gig while I'm at home. I hope to do it full time some day.. I stress *some day* things work slow in my field. They do for me anyway. I'm trying to hit the pavement every week or so trying to drum up new work. I got a few leads, and I'm sure if I walk enough streets, and knock on enough doors eventually work will come to me. What is the quote? Diligence precedes luck.

So work is good, I have a beautiful, sweet wife at home and now (drum roll please) We are getting our house back. Getting it back you ask. yes. My in-laws have been living with us for the last 4 months, and now their house is finished, and they are moving back to their home. I can't wait to run around the house naked again! ~~At this point you can do something to get your mind off of that vivid image ~~ It's been an interesting journey having my in-laws with us. It was fun too. I woke up this morning at 4something am to LOUD foot steps coming down the stairs. I'm not sure who comes down, or why, but as usual, 30 seconds later, another pair of lead feet run back up the stairs. This continues until I leave to work around 6am. We also had the pleasure of listening to the smoke detector for about 10 minutes this morning. I suppose the brisk winter air out side inspired some burning in the kitchen. I dunno. But I'm just itching to return to a normal sleep patter.

Well -- that was another disjointed brain dump by my myself, the one and only (although not really) WBW. Stay tuned for more :)

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