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I'm finally starting to delve deeper into Linux (I'm currently using Mandrake 9.1) and I'm really liking what I'm discovering. I can't wait till work gets my my compatability lab so that I can continue exploring this wonderfully free OS while on on the clock ~wink~.

Anyway, I was poking around in webmin today looking to configure Samba to be able to see a shared printer on a WinXP box.

First some Webmin background: Webmin is a web-based control panel that allows you to configure almost anything on your machine in a nice web GUI. The website runs locally on your machine *as root* so be careful with what you do

I never found out how to set up Samba, but I'm sure google will come to my rescue... Anyway, So I find a super cool way to install perl modules on webmin. It's so easy, say you want to install HTML::Template and you don't want to mess around with the command line, and you havn't configured for some reason. You just want to install it quick and easy. Well Just go to webmin in a browser, typically http://localhost:10000, login, choose Others, then perl modules. Once you are there, just type in the module you want to install off of the CPAN and within a minute or two you're good to go. I'm not sure if it finds dependancies or not, and I've only installed on module so far, but from my brief experience so far I think it's awesome!

Here are a few of the screens in Webmin. I can't get over how easy Webmin has made configuring servers, processes, users, etc, etc...



Install log


Install complete!...


Doesn't this rock!?! Webmin is so rad! You can even upgrade Webmin via it's own web interface. more on that later...


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