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Hi, my name is Will and I'm overweight...
Not quite, but I will admit that yesterday marked my first full week of being on weight watchers. We just started a new program, Flex Points, yesterday. You basically get so many points a day (depending on your weight) and then you get 35 *flex* points you can use through out the week when you need to go over your alloted points. Basically, every food has a point value assigned to it. A plum is 2 pts, 2 slices of fat free turkey is 2 points, etc...

I lost 1.8lbs in one week. Not bad heh? Well I'm sure people think that diet/support groups are dumb, but I have to admit, its nice to see other people that are loosing weight. It gives me motivation.

Well, you didn't think I wrote this entry to tell you about my weight watchers did you? he he he, I just wanted to preface this awful site. It's great!


Tommie Williams said:

How an you discontinue Whoopi Goldberg's Ad for "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"?

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