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I've gotten tired of listening to the same 4 albums for the past 2 weeks at work so I googled and came up with this site. All I got to say is that somebody has gone to alot of trouble building this thing. Its quite impressive. The site says that the streams are low quality, but I disagree, 56KBPS is just fine for numbing my brain wile at work.


The User Interface is also kinda cool. If you like red on black anyway. I havn't even delved deep into the catalog of music available on the site. I loaded Depeche Mode's '101' and The Smith's 'Meat is Murder' and I'm good to go :)

While I'm at it I may as well brag on this cool skin I'm using with winamp (v2)



evetS said:

Brilliant! And The Curator I mean creator of this VJB Has got a very big catolog of music 2 choose from. Actually, He does spend alot of time on this.

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