logo-ocw-home.gif I gotta give props to those brainy people at MIT. Their Open CourseWare initiative is incredible, basically, the profs are posting their lectures, course notes, syllabi, and other coure material to the web for free. Yes, it's been around for a while, a friend of mine clued me into this over a year ago, but I just finished reading an article on it and decided to check it out. I'm deffinatly going to give this course a look over before I start my Calculus with Applications class at UHD.

By 2007 they should have the course ware for all of their courses online. Hopefully by then we might see some in-depth classes on perl come out of this. I'd love to see what those lucky/brainy/rich kids are learning about there.

The internet is great! You can get a feel for the intelligentsia of MIT without having to lift more than a finger.

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