Announcing MM Studio MX 2004

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Maybe it will get even bigger and slower??

I'm sad to also announce that I've gone back to Dreamweaver :( But hey, I was able to overhaul this site in a morning thanks to DW. It isn't a coder's tool, it's a designer's tool. I'm still partial to Homesite, not Marcomedia's Homesite, but Allaire's. At Compaq we use Homesite, I loved it. Here we use Dreamweaver, I'm making the best of it ~sigh~


barryf said:

If you've got Dreamweaver MX you've actually also got Homesite+ hidden away on the CD. Browse the CD and have a look for the installer.

Homesite+ is somewhere between Homesite 5 and ColdFusion Studio 5 and keeps happy those of us who just can't get comfy with Dreamweaver MX.

will willis said:

COOL! I just installed Homesite+ and it looks nice. I fell in love with Homesite 4.5.2 at my last job, but I never liked 5. However, at first glance Homesite+ looks like it might be more like the 4.x versions. I'll have to give it a trial run today. It also looks as if the bugs may have been worked out of the server mappings functionality.

Thanks for the tip :)

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