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I've been on contract at Compaq, now HP for over 3 years. Today was my last day. It was a super contract and I'm going to miss it. I didn't realize how much I liked working there till now.


Gerry said:

That was a great job! Funny yet laid back.

Mark said:

I'm glad we drove out to Tomball college and posted the job notice that you found and answered way back when. You turned out to be equally good at being a coworker as well as a friend. See you at the next Saturday morning basketball sessions.


Will Willis said:

Hey guys!!!! Long time no talk/chat! The sad part is that I still want to answer the phone, "Compaq QA, this is Will".


And I really wish we had of made shirts that said "I survived CCM 2.0"

Those were the good ol' days...

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